How to Deal with Loss, Pain and Inevitable Change

Autumn is a tree that does not like to lose his leaves. Fall season has come around and unlike the other seasons, this one makes him feel very alone. Where are the Christmas lights from winter, the blooms in spring, or the kids from summer? Autumn longs for people to want to be around him again. It isn’t until the tree discovers a special reason for his falling leaves when he finds his happiness again. This beloved short story will take you and Autumn on an unexpected journey, bringing a whole new meaning to a season like fall. One that is filled with hope, restoration, and a hidden joy that is a great example to our own life seasons!

How do we talk about things that are hard to talk about? Like for instance, going through change. That can be a hard thing to talk about for sure. But what a better way to talk about these things than through a story?

When I was little, I wrote a story about a tree going through the fall season and since then, it has been one of my favorite analogies to use when talking about change. In this story, a tree named Autumn does not like to lose his leaves. In fact, he makes it very clear that losing his leaves feels awful. I am sure we could all relate if we were trees! But at the end of the day, Autumn learns something out of the ordinary, something he didn’t know before… that even his fallen leaves can be used for good. When a daughter and her dad start to play in his leaves, as old and broken as they are, Autumn realizes that his leaves have not been forgotten. To me, I think the story of Autumn is a beautiful picture of how God makes old things new in our lives. Just like trees going through the fall season, He makes change worth its time. We’re never alone in it! In fact, God turns our brokenness into beauty, and restores our fallen leaves for a greater purpose.

So after, what it seems like forever since this children’s book has been out, I have finally put together a discussion guide to go with the book. Made for small groups 3+ and parents, Autumn’s Application and Guide will make talking about change a little bit easier. So amongst your friends and family, you can use this story to help guide you through processing change and how to have that right perspective. My hope is that you can appreciate Autumn’ story just as much as I have. Together, let’s begin to embrace our fall seasons.

Click this link Autumn’s Application and Guide to download and print!


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